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eBay Browser makes searching for and bidding on eBay items much easier
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eBay Browser is a unique application that makes searching for, and bidding on, eBay items much easier.
There are three key features:
Total Price Calculator.
Do you get frustrated with items that appear to be cheap, but actually they are very expensive because of the high postage costs? Well eBay Browser lets you search for the item you want, then by clicking on the process button, hides all items with a total price (the sales price + postage) greater than the value you specify.
It then displays the total price of each item next to its description, making choosing the cheapest item easier. This makes searching through long lists of overpriced items a thing of the past.
This feature is now available for: ebay.com, ebay.fr, ebay.es, ebay.de, ebay.it, ebay.co.uk, ebay.ie, ebay.ca, ebay.com.au, ebay.at, ebay.ch, ebay.al, ebay.be, ebay.nl, ebay.in users.
Automatic Refresh.
When items are about to end it is important to keep checking that you are still winning. Automatic refresh ensures that the page you see is up to date, so you know if you need to bid again. This takes away the job of franticly clicking on the refresh button with one minute to go.
History Keeper.
History keeper remembers the last item and search that you viewed, this makes it easy for you to return to a previous search after looking at an item.



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